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Elizabeth Kountze

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  • At the Technology Salon San Francisco on Data-Infused Impact Storytelling, a vibrant group of technologists and development experts gathered at the Vodafone Americas Foundation in Redwood City to explore how to be better storytellers in our efforts to change the world. The discussion featured a curated group of participants, and discussion leads including: Chantal Buard…

  • How Virtual Reality Activism Can Live Up to the Hype

    San Francisco | By on February 7, 2017 | Comments Off on How Virtual Reality Activism Can Live Up to the Hype

    Recently, 35 leaders in tech, international development, philanthropy and venture capital gathered at frog design in San Francisco for a Technology Salon debating the question, “Is Virtual Reality a New Paradigm for Humanitarianism or is it more Augmented Hype?” Participants experienced virtual reality with several HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and frog design headsets. Coined by…