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a discussion at the intersection of technology and development


A Technology Salon™ can be a powerful way to change the technology and development ecosystem in your community, and can generate significant benefits to convening organizations, which become central to digital development discussions.

Previous Salons have influenced the creation and direction of several high-profile initiatives like US Global Development Lab, USAID Grand Challenges, US State Department’s response to Rio+20, the Better than Cash Alliance, and the Alliance for Affordable Internet. In addition, conversations and connections made at Salons have lead to over $168 million in new business won (not just proposed) that we’ve been able to track.

Do note that Salons are not one-off events. Member conveners are expected designate a lead staff person, invest in organizing at least 4 meetings per year, and share their innovations with other member conveners. In return, convening organizations can connect with the global network of Salons and participants, receive in-depth support to make their Salons successful, and influence the future direction of the Technology Salon.

If you are interested in becoming a convening organization, please contact Wayan.

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