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  • AI Universal Health Coverage

    How Artificial Intelligence Can Accelerate Universal Health Coverage

    Johannesburg | By on December 15, 2018 | Comments Off on How Artificial Intelligence Can Accelerate Universal Health Coverage

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used to advance healthcare in high-income countries. AI here refers to the use of computer systems sophisticated enough to perform tasks that until recently could only be performed by humans, for example, extracting conclusions from visual, clinical, natural language, operational and other complex data. Is artificial intelligence applicable in…

  • How to Build Better Partnerships for Global Health

    New York | By on October 19, 2017 | Comments Off on How to Build Better Partnerships for Global Health

    For our Technology Salon on How Can Partnerships Improve the Digital Health Ecosystem?, we discussed partnerships and interoperability in global health systems. The room housed a wide range of perspectives, from small to large non-governmental organizations to donors and funders to software developers to designers to healthcare professionals to students. Our lead discussants were: Josh…

  • How Partnerships Improve the Digital Health Ecosystem

    New York | By on October 16, 2017 | Comments Off on How Partnerships Improve the Digital Health Ecosystem

    Last Thursday, we had the honor of getting together with many of our peers and partners in New York City to discuss How Can Partnerships Improve the Digital Health Ecosystem? The discussion was moderated by Linda Raftree of Tech Salon, sponsored by Medic Mobile and Praekelt, and hosted by Thoughtworks. The main discussants were: Josh…

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  • Recently Priya Jaisinghani, Teressa Trusty, and I brought together a few folks to have an informal Technology Salon around the pertinent question of how can the development community get technology to scale?

  • Where the last SMS4D Technology Salon reminded us of the unique gift of mobile technologies to be implemented in the field, The Cloudy SMS4D Salon really drove home mobile phones as a multifunctional tool whose true impact is tied more to the usage than the technology itself.

  • The SMS4D Technology Salon focused on the power of Short Message Service (SMS) text technology to create scaled impact, starting at the local and regional level. We went through an inspiring round of implementations and use cases of on-the-ground efforts using FrontlineSMS in cross-sector development situations.Throughout the examples, we were constantly reminded that mobile phone-based…

  • Text messaging is a quick and targeted way to reach beneficiaries in the developing world. But you already know that. Yet have you seen an SMS router close-up? Experimented with proven solutions that you can use in your existing programs? Or brainstormed on how SMS could add sizzle to your next proposal?

  • mHealth Means Mobility, Information, Connectivity & Feedback

    Washington DC | By on September 17, 2009 | Comments Off on mHealth Means Mobility, Information, Connectivity & Feedback

    In our September Technology Salon, we took on James BonTempo’s pertinent question of What Does the “m” in mHealth Really Mean? in a spirited debate with technology and development practitioners.

    Is this mHealthcare? (photo: Data Dyne)

    We were seeking a better definition of mHealth than the current focus on devices, and specifically the hype around mobile phones. As one participant bemoaned, it seems that every health project with a mobile phone or PDA, no matter their usage, is now an mHealth project.

    So we sought to put parameters on what could be called an mHealth project, and through that, come up with a new definition for mHealth. After an hour of vibrant debate, we developed these four aspects for mHealth projects:

  • In a recent Twitter exchange, James BonTempo asked a very pertinent question about the current mHealth buzz:

    The only mHealth definition? (Img: DataDyne)

    Should definition of #mHealth include devices (wondering specifically about netbooks) or simply the concept of mobility?

    He followed up his initial query with a simple poll that asked if mHealth should include a list of specific platforms or just the concept of mobility. So far, Twitterers agree, the “m” in mHealth should represent mobility, regardless of form factor.

    But that’s different from the general notion of mHelth, represented by the mHealth Wikipedia entry, which focuses on equipment “mHealth is a recent term for medical and public health practice supported by mobile devices, such as mobile phones, patient monitoring devices, PDAs, and other wireless devices”

    In our next Technology Salon, we’ll explore what the “m” in mHealth means for those who actually practice mHelath, with these field-experienced experts:

  • Epidemics and a shortage of healthcare workers continue to present grave challenges for governments and health providers in the developing world. Yet in these same places, the explosive growth of mobile communications over the past decade offers a new hope for the promotion of quality healthcare – billions now have access to reliable technology that can also support healthcare delivery.