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OLPC in the Field: June Technology Salon

There is much talk about One Laptop Per Child, Nicholas Negroponte’s idea of a “$100 laptop” empowering education in the developing world. Yet the focus tends to be on the XO laptop itself, not the overall impact of the program on both technology and education.

Rabi Karmacharya
Rabi Karmacharya

For the next Technology Salon on June 3 at 5:30pm, we’ll move pass the headlines and into the field with two special guests:

  • Aaron Kaplan, of OLPC Austria, will talk about how he’s leveraging wireless mesh networking initiatives to facilitate one laptop per child
  • Rabi Karmacharya of OLE Nepal, will explain how he is developing lasting educational advantages within the Nepalese school system

We’ll have an hour of free-flowing conversation and debate around the topic and its impacts, followed by open-ended informal discussions between practitioners, in an intimate and informal setting:

June Technology Salon
Tuesday, June 3 @ 5:30pm
Hosted by RTI International – DC
Main Conference Room
701 13th Street, N.W.
Suite 750 (map)

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