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The Rise of 4P Computing: April Technology Salon

One year ago this week, One Laptop Per Child changed its mission, dropping its invitation for lower-cost alternatives to the XO laptop. Was that a reaction just to Intel’s Classmate PC, or amazing foresight?

Either way, a year later we are witnessing a dramatic change in the low-cost laptop marketplace. New low-cost laptops, or as I am now calling them, 4P Computing (Power, Performance, Portability, Price) are popping up daily with entrants from the practical Asus Eee PC to the seemingly comical Van Der Led.


Walter viewing the future

In the midst of all this action, I’d be honored if you could join me in an intimate and informal discussion on:

  • What will all these low-cost laptops (4PC’s?) means to developing world markets?
  • Where might all this take us, both as “first-world” producers and consumers?
  • How can we influence 4PC growth as leading voices in the technology for the developing world space?

Be ready to share your ideas, opinions, and predictions. At the last meetup in August, I predicted G1G1, which sounded crazy at the time. Also, please bring examples of 4P technology if you have it – I’ll have an XO or two of course.

Inveneo has graciously offered to host us in their new offices in San Francisco and Vital Wave Consulting is donating lunch.

4P Computing Meetup
Saturday, April 19
11am – 1pm
at the new Inveneo Offices
972 Mission Street, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA
Parking is available

Please feel free to invite others who would be interested and interesting, just let me know so I can keep a headcount.

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