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SMS4D-2: the Cloud-Based SMS Solutions Salon

Now that your interest was piqued with last month’s SMS for Development Technology Salon, get ready for SMS4D-2: the Cloudy Salon.

On June 10th, we’re having another round of SMS-focused guests, this time their solutions are cloud-based vs. last month’s local administration. Joining us will be:

You’ll need to RSVP for this Salon via SMS. To join us, text SMS4D, your name, your organization to the live SMS:Gov demo at (202) 506-0148. For those that need an example, I would send “SMS4D, Wayan Vota, Inveneo” (w/o quotes).

Be sure to RSVP ASAP, as we only have room for 15 people, then there will be a waitlist – last month it was 45 people deep!

SMS4D-2: the Cloudy Salon
June DC Technology Salon
Thursday, June 10, 8:30-10am
UN Foundation Conference Room
1800 Mass Avenue, NW, Suite 400
Washington, D.C. 20036 (map)

We’ll have Krispie Kreme donuts and coffee for a morning rush, and there is even a Salon Bonus: we’ll be giving out a USB SMS router during the Salon – a $150 value, yours for free thanks to Inveneo.

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