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SMS for Development in San Francisco

Are you a Technology Salon subscriber on the West Coast that’s feeling left out of our two SMS4D Salons in Washington DC? Don’t! We’re bringing all the great SMS text messaging fun to San Francisco with SMS4Dev-SF on June 17th.

Mobile phone payment in India

At mission*social, the Inveneo offices on Mission Street in SoMa, we’ll have the following three discussants explaining how they’re utilizing humble text messaging to change lives in the developing world:

  1. Robert Munro will explain how he’s developed machine-learning algorithms to categorize free-form SMS to a 95% accuracy – across any language – for SMS:Medic
  2. Zach Berke will showcase a SMS verification system that Exygy helped build which protects against pharmaceutical counterfeiting in India and a new SMS micropayment platform for solar power installations
  3. Wayan Vota will expand on SMS:Gov, an innovative use of SMS text messaging to create a 311 system for local governments

If you’d like to join us, you’ll need to RSVP for this Salon via SMS: text SMS4Dev, your name, your organization to the live SMS:Gov demo at (202) 506-0148. For those that need an example, I would send “SMS4Dev, Wayan Vota, Inveneo” (w/o quotes).

SMS4D-San Francisco
June SF Technology Salon
Thursday, June 17, 8:30-10am
mission*social Conference Room
972 Mission Street, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103 (map)

We’ll have espresso and donuts for a morning rush, but be sure to RSVP ASAP, as we only have room for 15 people, then there will be a waitlist. In DC, we’re filling up the same day as the announcement goes out.

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