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  • women in tech

    How to Walk the Talk of Female Representation in ICT4D

    Washington DC | By on October 30, 2020 | Comments Off on How to Walk the Talk of Female Representation in ICT4D

    The digital development field has consistently focused on improving female access to technology and related services across low- and middle-income countries. With over 250 million more women owning a mobile phone as compared to 2014, there has been considerable progress. Yet, the importance of female representation in leadership has become even clearer. A recent study indicated that…

  • Let’s solve his ICT4D challenges

    The Technology Salon returns to Washington DC this September 25th to explore an innovative initiative from USAID: ICT4D Challenges.

    Akin to the contests that had Lindbergh cross the Atlantic and Rutan/Branson cross into space, ICT4D challenges (contests, makeovers, and competitions) will leverage user-driven innovation to create ICT-based solutions for major development challenges, with the incentive of cash prizes and possible inclusion in a USAID project. These challenges will spur innovation at the nexus of development and technology while forging new connections between the technology and development communities.

    What better forum to explore where USAID is going with these challenges and help shape that path than the Technology Salon, our intimate and informal discussion of technology and development?