More Tech Salons About Plan International’s Girls at the Cutting Edge of Change Report

  • Improving Girls’ Education and Development with ICT

    Washington DC | By on January 13, 2010 | Comments Off on Improving Girls’ Education and Development with ICT

    In the developing world, girls need new skills and capacities for the 21st Century. They need to have the ability to be flexible, adaptive, and innovative to grow into positions of influence in their communities and countries.

    Does ICT education help girls?

    Yet – as we learned in the Gender Equality in ICT Education discussion – just getting girls to secondary school is a challenge, and once there, girls often shun ICT’s unless they have strong mentors and female role models.

    Please join us Thursday, January 28th, as Linda Raftree, Social Media and New Technology Advisor for Plan International‘s West Africa Regional Office, leads us in a discussion of three pertinent questions:

    1. How can the technology and international development communities support the development of girls?
    2. What role does ICT play in facilitating girls’ growth?
    3. And where are the concrete examples that prove ICT is a net positive for female progress?

    We’ll also try to identify case studies, partners, and further research around girls development and ICT for inclusion in Plan’s 2010 Girls and ICT Report, now underway.