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How to Build Effective ICT Tools for Quality M&E?

Last month, the M&E for ICT4D Technology Salon noted that we lacked quality tools to measure outcomes. We all intuitively know that ICT could be the basis for great M&E tools, but what about taking that feeling into action?

Aid Data Initiative

The Development Gateway develops web-based platforms that make aid and development efforts more effective. After introducing the AidData initiative and the Aid Management Program that provide access to development finance and project information, they are now looking at what ICT can offer in the area of monitoring and evaluation.

In this month’s Technology Salon, we will hear from Steve Davenport on his efforts with the Development Gateway to develop a M&E tool and data collection system that could be used by donors, the NGO community, and even the Government of Malawi, as an additional module to programs like Aid Data or as a stand-alone product.

Join Steve and your technology and development colleagues at the Development Gateway offices for this deep dive into ICT tools for M&E.

Effective ICT tools for quality M&E
August Technology Salon
8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Development Gateway
1889 F Street, NW, 2nd Floor<– note address
Washington, DC 20006 (map)

We’ll have hot coffee and Krispe Kreme donuts for a morning rush, but seating is limited and the Development Gateway is in a secure building.

So RSVP ASAP to be confirmed for attendance or you are on the waitlist.

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