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How Can Technology Start-Ups Increase Social Impact?

Access to mobile phones has exploded across the globe. The availability of smart phones and the mobile web is also increasing rapidly. This opens up exciting opportunities to reach the “base of the pyramid” with products and services that could improve the well-being of millions of people living on less than $2 per day.

At the same time, customers in these markets are starting to expect a greater voice in determining what products and services they need and want, and businesses and designers need to be savvy and well-embedded in local culture and context in order to design for a new segment of potential customers who demand high quality products and services at the lowest cost possible.

Alongside this comes the opportunity (and many say the obligation) to ensure that new business opportunities are accompanied by positive social impact. Yet finding good business models that ensure a “triple bottom line” that considers people, profit and planet, is a massive challenge.

Please RSVP now to join us during Slush for a lively and interactive discussion featuring the following experts:

They will guide us in debating the role of technology start-ups and social enterprises in global development, with a goal to find answers the following questions:

  • How can start-ups, impact investors and social enterprises make a positive impact on the lives of people living in low-resource settings?
  • How can social and technology innovators & entrepreneurs best contribute to global development challenges?
  • What are some good ways for non-governmental organizations and technology start-ups to collaborate locally and globally?
  • What can the sectors learn from each other so that their endeavors are more successful?
  • What lessons should we remember, and what failures should we avoid repeating?

Please RSVP now to join in the discussion. We’ll have snacks for an evening rush, but seating is limited. Once we reach our 30-person capacity there will be a waiting list!

ICT for Social Impact
1st Helsinki Technology Salon
5 – 7pm
Monday, November 17th
Helsinki, Finland
RSVP is required to attend


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