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  • Bigger, Better Data and Resilience: What’s the Link?

    New York | By on May 15, 2014 | Comments Off on Bigger, Better Data and Resilience: What’s the Link?

    The NYC Technology Salon on February 28th examined the connection between bigger, better data and resilience. We held morning and afternoon Salons due to the high response rate for the topic. Jake Porway, DataKind; Emmanuel Letouzé, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative; and Elizabeth Eagen, Open Society Foundations; were our lead discussants for the morning. Max Shron, Data…

  • One of the sad truths that emerged at the Technology Salon on ICTs and M&E was that failure in development is rarely about the project performance, but about winning the next contract. This means that monitoring and evaluation is less about tracking and improving progress towards social change and more about weaving an advertising pitch….

  • Unlike our usual Technology Salons, which are not recorded, the ICT4D, Innovation, and Millennium Development Goals Salon at the UN Week Digital Media Lounge was taped by Mashable for your viewing pleasure.

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